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We build innovative back panels to display your golf ball collection in your home or office.  Golf ball displays can be made of any material, size, or shape.  Just call 954-942-1418 and we can design one just for you. Above, Roger is holding an oak back panel wall display in the shape of Germany. The 3-piece wall golf ball display in the background is made of elegant black acrylic and holds 1256 balls.

Last update 06/24/2016 - email me to get my full collection which includes all my available balls for sale or trade.  You can look at it to gain information about a logo or if you see a number at the end of a line=rightmost column, I have a double of it and will sell or trade it.

 Listed below is the newly acquired balls from the past month. Also listed next is my full collection of other category logo balls.  I am offering most of these at 50% off/ball!  Exceptions are listed.  

And I am still running the sale on of two of my most popular displays:  

My personal favorite : the black PVC USA-50 for $99.  (Your spouse will love it!)

Wall Display

And my Triangle-16 desk model to $19.99 - that's 70% off retail!  Act quickly as I have limited inventory. 

Table Displays


email me at golforefun@gmail.com if you have questions.


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To place an order, get a question answered, send an e-mail to golforefun@gmail.com or call my cell (561) 353-6392.  I will need your order info and ship-to address.  I now accept only PayPal, a check, or cash - no credit cards.  



DESKTOP DISPLAYS: Click on the photos to find out more information about each display. The model name describes the shape of the display.  The number after the name is the amount of golf balls the display holds.   i.e.: A Page-35 is 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches and holds 35 balls.  The prices are listed below to the right of the model name and are dependent on the material used for the back panel:  dull black PVC/shiny black acrylic/oak veneer.  Solid oak is also available by special order.   Frames or cabinets can be added to any back panel.   While not necessary for the acrylic back panels, the shadow box frame really adds a nice finishing touch to an oak or PVC panel.  Call for a quote if you have any questions or want a custom order. 

Logo-3's: Mid-round, Rectangle, Square
Desk Displays

Triangle-16, TwoSider-65, Executive-100
Table Displays


WALL DISPLAYS (made of black expanded PVC or acrylic or oak):

Page-32, Page-35, Page-31 with decal
Wall Display

Square-100, Triangle-36,Traditional-132
Wall Displays

Wall Display

               Value-275's           cabinet, frame, back panel
Wall Displays

   Displays & Pricing:

        Model=Shape-balls held (description)                         @ price for black PVC or oak/black acrylic

                                                                                                          PVC/acrylic/solid oak prices




Just buy our patented new improved non-fading white golf ball shelves ($3.00/shelf) and create your own display!  Minimum order is 10 shelves.  email or call me, 561-353-6392, for the drilling specs or for guidance.  I am very proud of and support my displays.


Custom Wall Displays
Wall Displays

Designing custom displays is our specialty.  No display is too big or too little.   We love to bounce around ideas with you and work to give you just the right look to complement your decor.   Spouses often call back to say how much they love showing off our unique ball displays.  They consider them as works of art and conversation pieces!   Call us - write us - send an email!  -  Just do it!

And let me find you the logo golf ball that you are looking so hard for!  Ball cost is determined by acquisition ease, brand, and condition.  Whatever as it is about the same as purchased at a golf club.

Let me know what you want and I will find it if I don't already have it.   Call or  email ROGER


New service:  Buy some non-logo playing balls and beat the high per ball shipping cost of sending less than a dozen balls. 

The US Postal Service offers a medium flat rate mailing box for $13.45.  This box holds up to 117 balls so price/ball can get down to only 12 cents per ball for postage versus the $1.80 or so for small orders.  There also is a large flat rate box which holds 180 balls @ $16.85.   Or use the small flat rate ($5.25) box which can hold up to 15 balls.  Fill it up to get your best shipping value. 

Add a few non-logo playing balls to round out your order of logo balls.   It's almost like free shipping for those extra balls!    Tell me what brand you play and I will select some new/pearls for you.  Balls are priced competitivelyat 50% off retail = $2/ball (e.g.: Pro-V1s), $1/ball (e.g.:  Titleist SoLo, or $0.50/ball (e.g.: Pinnacle).   

I respond to ALL emails sent to me so if you ever fail to get a response from me, please retry or call me on 561-353-6392.  (Sometimes our firewalls prevent message from getting thru.)  Send an order via email or regular mail and I will process it as soon as I can.  Happy collecting!

Some custom displays are available too, now at 50% off!!!  Please email or call for prices or sizes.  Banner (great for top of a wall - 3 rows of balls - just tell me how long you want it),  Border (3 ball border around a picture), Box-10 (10 balls in a transparent top/bottom cigar size box),  Plaque-8 (two rows of four balls and room for a name plate), Plaque-12 (four rows of three balls and room for a name plate), Clock-12 (oak frame square, green felt, balls as hour digits),  Australia-100 (100 balls fitted into a back panel in the shape of Australia), AZ-96, CA-46, DE-89, FL-21, GA-152, Germany-44, IL-50, Ireland-38, lighthouse-57, LongIsland-30, ME-67, MA-59, Masters-4, MN-64, MO-63, NC-70, NJ-100, NY-39, Picture frame-18, SC-66, Tiger-5, TN-96, TX-63, TX-106, United Kingdom-41, UT-100, VA-28/49/72, WA-71, WV-31, WI-62, World-302.

We give our excess balls to charity {First Tee of Palm Beach) as gifts to all our up and coming stars!.   That's over 30,000 donated golf balls so far. 

Go to the end of this page to see low priced golf items and Sports memorabilia. 


New wall displays ( shown below) from only  $19.95 !!!


Carat-8, Diamond 9full, Diamond 9flat Rectangle-10


Carat-8 Rectangle-10




To order, call 561-353-6392 or send an email to  golforefun@gmail.com



This golf ball display provides a 3 ball border around all four sides of a picture. The border can be made any size and out of any drillable material. Let me make a customized beauty for you.  Please call or email me at golforefun@gmail.com


What Makes A Great Golf Ball Display?

The biggest problem a golf ball collector has is limited wall space for a ball display.   Next, comes display cost and the ability to easily move balls around or put new balls in - and balls come in different sizes.   Now, add that balls tend to rotate around due to surface vibrations.   And, maybe most important, you want your spouse to like the display well enough so you can proudly show off your collection inside your home.   So, what's the solution?

These problems are solved by an innovative new ball storage system concept using our patented golf ball shelf to attach large numbers of golf balls to a vertical surface.   The display takes less wall space (because the ball shelves are so thin) and yet, the design allows one to easily add or remove balls.  Mixing various sized balls within the display is also easy because of the flexibility of the ball shelf.   Another important feature is that the unique design of the ball cradle minimizes the ball turning problem (due to surface vibrations) of most other racks.  And our new improved pure white shelf does not fade.

I had been trying different ways to display my collection of  28,000 country club logo golf balls.   Finally, after over ten years and many attempts, we came up with the ball shelf.   The concept is simple, yet more functional than any ball rack on the market now.  Our display line can have a modern  contemporary look (using shiny black or clear acrylic as the back panel), or a traditional look (using oak or oak veneer), or a nice, yet inexpensive, look (using black expanded PVC).  

The displays are either wall mounted or sit on a flat surface.   Each model is named after its shape or style and the number of balls that it holds.  A display consists of a grooved back panel, white ball shelves which snuggly fit into the grooves, and an optional frame.   The back panel can be made of any material that can be drilled into.   It also can be cut to any size or shape so customizing is relatively easy. 

So, what are you waiting for?  Show off your special golf balls in a display which will enhance any room in your home!   Or if you haven't started collecting, well, start now!   Collect old balls or, easier yet,  logo balls.    Save logo balls from courses that you have played, or specialize on professional sports teams, colleges, golf courses or country clubs, Top 100 clubs, major golf tournaments or any kind of tournament, airlines, banks, beverages, business, Disney characters, military, novelties, vehicles, etc.   Collecting and displaying golf balls is fun!  And you will make many new friends as you enjoy the journey of logo ball mania, I mean, collecting.


Golf Ball Art & Custom Displays

111 N. Pompano Beach Blvd. #1005

Pompano Beach, FL  33062

Cell = (561) 353-6392

e-mail = golforefun@gmail.com