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Golf Ball Art & Custom Displays, c/o Roger Kleinschmidt

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We build innovative back panels to display your golf ball collection in your home or office.  Golf ball displays can be made of any material, size, or shape.  Just call 954-942-1418 and we can design one just for you. Above, Roger is holding an oak back panel wall display in the shape of Germany. The 3-piece wall golf ball display in the background is made of elegant black acrylic and holds 1256 balls.

Last update 11/24/2014 - Latest available logo ball lists and special holiday prices on in-stock displays!

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To place an order, get a question answered, or request a list of other category logo golf balls (cartoon characters, casinos, colleges, companies&banks/financial institutions, drinks=beer and alcoholic beverages, food, golf related, government, PGA tournaments, places, sayings,  sports teams, transportation, and vintage balls.),  send an e-mail to Golfballart@bellsouth.net   or call my cell (561) 789-8372.  I will need your order info and ship-to address.  I now accept PayPal or a personal check.  



DESKTOP DISPLAYS: Click on the photos to find out more information about each display. The model name describes the shape of the display.  The number after the name is the amount of golf balls the display holds.   i.e.: A Page-35 is 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches and holds 35 balls.  The prices are listed below to the right of the model name and are dependent on the material used for the back panel:  dull black PVC/shiny black acrylic/oak veneer.  Solid oak is also available by special order.   Frames or cabinets can be added to any back panel.   While not necessary for the acrylic back panels, the shadow box frame really adds a nice finishing touch to an oak or PVC panel.  Call for a quote if you have any questions or want a custom order. 

Logo-3's: Mid-round, Rectangle, Square
Desk Displays

Triangle-16, TwoSider-65, Executive-100
Table Displays

WALL DISPLAYS (made of black expanded PVC or acrylic or oak):

Page-32, Page-35, Page-31 with decal
Wall Display

Square-100, Triangle-36,Traditional-132
Wall Displays

Wall Display

               Value-275's           cabinet, frame, back panel
Wall Displays

   Displays & Pricing:

        Model=Shape-balls held (description)                         @ price for black PVC or oak/black acrylic

                                                                                                          PVC/acrylic/solid oak prices

  • USA-50 (shape only or shape etched rectangle)              @ $99/$124/$141

  • USA-100 (shape only or shape etched rectangle)            @ $124/$149/$181